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Maximize Wellness was created by its co-directors Daniela Bratkova and Brian Dickson to address the varying imbalances in people’s lives in relation to Wellness.

With an increasingly ageing population, a public health service that appears to be cracking at the seams the necessity for individuals to take greater individual responsibility for their own wellness is and will become an unavoidable necessity.

We provide a range of wellness services designed to support you in achieving maximal wellness.

We act as catalysts for you on your wellness journey motivating, consulting, supporting as much as we can but ultimately reminding you that it is with you that the responsibility rest.

We look forward to helping you achieve your aims in achieving a better level of wellness which is based upon individual responsibility with professional support form a company dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of wellness services.

About Brian Dickson

With over 30 years industry experience Brian has worked within a range of roles within the Fitness Industry.

With industry experience as a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Gym Manager and Teacher and Assessor within Further Education Colleges. Brian’s diverse experiential knowledge is one of his greatest strengths.

Brian is a qualified Teacher and Assessor, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist and Pilates Tutor. Other areas of expertise are Spinning, Kettle Bells, Gravity Training and Stretching Techniques.

Brian’s uses this extensive experiential and professional knowledge to provide a holistic training experience for his individual and group sessions.

About Daniela Bratkova

Daniela has been working with individuals and groups for over 7 years helping to make balanced, positive nutritional changes to their diet.

Daniela has a background in pharmaceutical Science and traditional drug therapy supplemented with her post graduate diploma in nutritional therapy.

Daniela approach is one which emphasises the necessity for individuals and groups to make positive natural changes where appropriate to their nutrition in order to improve and treat varying physical, psychological and emotional issues.



Individual Personal Training (60-75min) £45
Group Personal Training 2 people £60
Group Personal Training 3 people £75
Group Personal Training 4 people £90
Classes Pay as You Go: Pilates £8
Other Classes £6
Class Pass £40/month
Class Pass - Craigielaw Members £36/month
Massage- Full Body £45
Massage- Half Body £25
Individual Nutritional Consultation (60-90min) £60
Health&Fitness MOT (1 Nutritional consultation + Personal training Session) £100
Lean Weight Management (2 Nutritional Consultations, 2 PT sessions, 3 months class Pass) £330

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