Individual & Group Fitness

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9.15-10.15am - Total Body Conditioning

10.15-11.15am - Pure Stretch and Myofacial Release

6.30-7.30pm - Gravity Total Body Circuits

7.30-8.30pm - Pilates

6.30-7.30pm - Spin & Core

7.30-8.30pm - Pure Stretch and Myofacial Release


6.30-7.30pm - Gravity Total Body Circuits

7.30-8.30pm - Pilates





9.15-10.15am - Spin & Core

10.15-11.15am - Pure Stretch and Myofacial Release

7.00-8.00pm - Spin & Core

9.15-10.15am - Gravity Total Body Circuits

10.15-11.15am - Pilates

7.00-8.00pm - Boot Camp

9.30-10.30am - Spin & Core

10.30-11.30am - Pure Stretch and Myofacial Release


Individual Training

Health and Wellness MOT

This appointment involves an hour’s personal consultation with Brian Dickson our Company Director and Personal Trainer. Brian will collect the relevant information we require to provide feedback on your current readiness to exercise safely and effectively in order to maximize your Wellness. During this appointment Brian will gather information that will involve aspects of physiological measurement taking and confirming your aims and objectives and time scales within which to achieve these objectives

An additional appointment with Daniela Bratkova our Company Nutritional Therapist will involve carrying out potential nutritional intolerance testing and recording of your nutritional regime by means of a food diary.

We feel that a combination of appropriate physical activity/exercise and intelligent nutrition provide the greatest opportunity for you to realistically achieve your aims and greater wellness.

Personal Training

This involves a 1-2-1 appointment with Brian Dickson during which you will work together addressing the objectives collectively set during your initial assessment. Appropriate exercise using a combination of cardiovascular machines and varying forms of resistance equipment may be used. We use varying exercise techniques in order to maximize the session and your experience ensuring safe and effective exercise at all times. The session is varied, never boring, informative and of course hopefully fun. Check out on our client testimonial link what our individual clients say about their experiences of training with Brian.

Sports Specific Training

Brian’s experience as a former Professional Footballer and competitive triathlete have equipped him with the necessary skills to work with athletes of varying standards from recreational to competitive athletes. Using his diverse skill set Brian will design a specific periodised training program for you using appropriate techniques which maximize results whilst minimising injury. This appointment also involves an appointment with our Company nutritionist Daniela Bratkova.


The therapeutic and recuperative benefits of massage are well documented. Massages can be booked for half or full body appointments. Half body appointments are proximately 30-40min with full body appointments 60-70mins. Whether you’re trying to just relax or recover from an injury our massage service will address your specific needs leaving you appreciating the benefits of regular massage as an effective way of creating greater balance within your body.

Lean Weight Management Program

A comprehensive 12 week journey into wellness and weight loss. During your journey your nutrition and physical fitness will be assessed and a detailed nutritional and fitness plan created for you with which to achieve specific weight loss targets, nutritional changes and physical activity/exercise habits. This program includes 2 appointments with our company nutritionist and 2 appointments with our company personal trainer. You will be expected to complete nutritional and physical activity diaries in order to chart your progress and appreciate your achievements over your 12 week journey. The program also includes a 3 month free class pass to all Maximize exercise classes held within Craigielaw Golf Club.

Group Training / Exercise

Group Personal Training

If you prefer working out socially with friends or colleagues and want to reduce the cost of regular PT this is the perfect solution. The sessions will be designed to allow individuals to work at their own pace addressing their specific fitness aims and objectives. Groups of up to 8 people can be catered for.

Gravity Core Circuits

Using the amazing Gravity GTS Total Gym and other functional equipment from Kettlebells, Swiss Balls and more this class will improve your core strength, functional fitness and flexibility. If you’re looking for a complete workout look no further. All fitness levels catered for.

Kettle Bells

Kettle Bells are a simple but incredibly effective way of improving strength, stamina, flexibility and functional fitness. Using a weight that best fits your fitness levels this circuit based workout stresses proper technique and posture in order to maximize results whilst minimising injury. If you want an effective high end workout that gets quick results then this is a class you should try.

Spin and Core

Utilising his vast experience as a competitive triathlete and cyclist Brian Dickson our company trainer will take you on as authentic a cycling experience as you can expect on a spinning bike. Rides are based on improving technique, targeting all appropriate muscles and energy systems and of course fun. If you want to improve your general fitness, cycling technique or if you are a triathlete or club cyclist then we challenge you not to get a workout from this class.


Focusing on strengthening the body from the inside out and lengthening tight muscles and inflexible joints this class delivers Joseph Pilates key components of control, centring, concentration, precision, breathing and flowing movements. With an increasing necessity to complete tasks at a hundred miles per hour this is a class which brings you into the present and leaves you feeling worked out, taller and clam.

Pure Stretch

Whether you exercise regularly, train for a sport or activity most of us neglect to stretch thoroughly after activity. This class will target all main joints and muscle groups with the aim of relieving muscle soreness and tension and improving your flexibility and range of movement throughout the whole body.

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Gravity Training

Pure Stretch


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